I believe in living a life of indulgence. Now, before you panic at that idea, hear me out. If you look up "indulgence" in the dictionary, you'll find synonyms such as fulfillment and gratification.  You also may find it described as "non-essential," its antonym, necessity. To me, these different definitions are extremely contradictory. How can we possibly say that living a fulfilled life, full of happiness and gratification, isn't a necessity?! So often health, fitness, and overall well-being are seen as a chore, requiring discipline and focus and causing dread.

I think it's time that we flip the script.

I think it's time that we indulge.

Let's view our health as a gift. Let's treat ourselves by breaking a sweat, putting delicious and nutritious food in our bodies, and being kind to our souls. Give yourself the luxury of pushing your strong, unique and amazing body past where you thought was possible- because, believe me, it can and will take you farther than you ever could ever imagine. When we change our attitude, we know longer obsess over what we are "denying ourselves" in the pursuit of the perfect body. Instead, we see all of the ways that we can reward our bodies, our minds, and our spirits.


So, start living a joyful life of total fulfillment.

Live a life of indulgence.



Photo credit: Carlos Funn; Funn Foto

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