Riley O'Donnell is a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and aspiring professional dancer in New York City. Growing up with athletic, active, parents, it wasn't hard for RIley to adopt a love of anything that got her blood pumping and body moving. She found dance, specifically ballet, at an early age, and she studied all forms of dance throughout her childhood and High School Years. Riley later went on to further her dance studies at the University of Michigan, from where she just graduated with her BFA in dance this past April.

During her time at U of M, Riley discovered a new passion in health and wellness while pursuing a minor in Movement Science.  Many of the things she loved about dancing- the euphoric feeling she got from performing, the physical demand, the ability to inspire others- she found could also come from embracing an active and balanced lifestyle.  This realization sparked the beginning of her journey into the world of health and fitness, and she has found that her two passions completely fuel one another.

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Carlos Funn; Funn Foto

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